DJ Lainez

As DJ, Remixer, and Musician, Lainez’s goal is to stir and inspire people by seamlessly blending the vibrant sounds of Afro House, Organic House, and Latin House. With a self-taught character and fearlessness to explore eclectic sounds, he has become a real vibe creator, producing dynamic and captivating sets at pool parties, rooftop venues, and underground bars in the USA.

Born in Mexico, he had the incredible opportunity to travel and live in over 25 countries. This journey has exposed him to the richness of diverse rhythms and cultures, which he effortlessly fuses into his music. What truly sets him apart is his mastery of various instruments, including the piano, guitar, and drums, allowing him to infuse organic and percussive sounds giving his music a unique color and flavor.

A true mastermind behind the decks, this visionary DJ weaves an enchanting tapestry of melodies, uncovering musical treasures that people never knew they craved. Each performance becomes an exhilarating journey of delightful surprises, leaving audiences spellbound by the artistry and ingenuity of his creations. Embracing the thrill of the moment, Lainez weaves together seamless transitions, creating fresh mixes, and unexpected beats on the fly.


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