What's Really Important to the Employer?

You might want to ask yourself this question if you want to keep the hiring team interested in you and pass the interview round.

Figuring out what’s really important to the employer it’s critical during any job search because you can more easily demonstrate that you can be a valuable asset to them and that they should hire you.

So, how do you do it?

First, think about it…Why do most companies exist?

You might say to provide great products or good quality of services.

Yes, you are correct, BUT all with the goal of:



I know you might think that’s not true for every company out there, but money is usually the goal of MOST companies or organizations, even though it may not be so obvious.

Companies need money to survive.

Think about the company you’re applying to – what do you think is really important to them, and how can you help the company thrive by providing extra value?

For example, what if you’re a teacher?

Think about that’s important to a school: increase in number of students, increase in test scores, reduced absences, etc. with the goal of securing as much funding as possible, so they can continue to operate.

So, here’s what you can do – think about ways in which you can provide value for the company, based on what’s important to them.

You can show that you can:

  1. Make money for the company

Ex: increase sales, secure a partnership, increase customer base, etc.

  1. Save money for the company

Ex: Negotiate cheaper pricing, cut costs, etc.

  1. Increase productivity or efficiency

Ex: Create a system that saves the company time, become an expert in social media to increase customer base, etc.

  1. Identify, prevent or solve problems

Ex: Provide extra help, find errors that could save the company money.

The best way to show that you can provide value to a potential employer is by proving you’ve provided value in the past. Because if you’ve done it before, the employer will think you can do it again for them in the future.

This is a general idea of what most employers and companies really want and value, however if you’re really committed to finding your dream job you should also think about your resume and if it’s targeted towards the job you want, research the company you’re applying to, create a unique cover letter and lastly learn how to negotiate your salary like a pro to ask for the salary you deserve.

If you have any questions, or just looking for some motivation, don’t hesitate to reach out. I am here to help!