3 Most Important Marketing Tools In Your Job Search

I’ve shared in-depth in this post all about how powerful your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile are, why they’re so important, and how you can create winning marketing tools of your own so you can succeed in your job search.  

Step #1: Create a powerful resume

Once you start looking for a new job, your resume becomes a powerful marketing tool. Why? Because it can either lead you to success in your life and career or nothing but dead ends. Don’t waste valuable time trying to create a general resume, including everything you’ve ever done in your career. Nowadays, employers are looking for a more focused resume, targeted to a specific role and with a clear focus.

So, before you start updating your resume, make sure you know the type of jobs you want to apply for and focus your resume around those jobs by including specific keywords from the job posting to ensure your resume passes the ATS and you get interviews.   

Also, make sure your resume is displayed in a modern, professional, and ATS-compatible template to help you make a great first impression!

I’ve written an article at https://growthhackyourcareer.com/17-resume-improvements/ on how to make 17 resume improvements in 5 minutes or less.

Step #2: Write an irresistible cover letter

Including a cover letter to complement your resume can be an effective way to convince hiring managers you’re the perfect fit for the job.

You can do this by demonstrating what sets you apart, why are you the right fit for the role, and how will you add value to the organization. Also, each cover letter should include bullets to provide specific and detailed examples of your most impressive and relative accomplishments.

Some other details you can include in your cover letter are the reason for a career change or if you know of any pain points the company is facing and how you can help overcome them.

Step #3: Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

Increase your chances of getting hired with one extra step. Most recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates, so you need to make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and optimized if you want to compete in today’s digital world and stand out from the competition.

Also, if you have a profile that is packed with industry keywords, recruiters will reach out to you for jobs. This in return will reduce online applications and speed up your job search.

I have written an article at www.cultivate-pro.com on How to Achieve-all Start Status on LinkedIn to attract recruiters, so before you start applying online make sure your profile is complete and optimized!

I hope with this knowledge you’ll create a powerful resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile as well as be confident in your job search.

If you’ve tried updating your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile and are still feeling confused, you can reach out to me at andalainez@cultivate-pro.com, and I’d be happy to answer any career questions.

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