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“I had finally made the decision to consult with a resume professional and utilize the service despite being skeptical and worrying whether it was necessary. I now realize that it’s one the best decisions I could have made! Change can be very scary and having someone take this task and execute it so beautifully really made a difference. I’m now excited for change and excited for my job hunt with none of the added stress. Anda was a dream to work with!"
Meghan Markham
Business Analyst

Professional and unique designs

Recruiters typically look at your resume for only 6 seconds before deciding YES or NO, which is why your resume design and content matter. 

I’ve helped my customers overcome this barrier and land $200k and $300k jobs with my professional resumes. 

A professionally written resume highlights your most impressive achievements, giving you the best possible chance at getting noticed and called in for interviews. 

And, if you’re feeling frustrated because you know you’re qualified, but haven’t been able to get any interviews, then my unique designs and writing strategies could be the defining factor in landing your dream job. 


Hi, I am Anda! Your go-to girl when it comes to all-things career. 

I believe everything happens for a reason and today you have decided to dream of a better and more fulfilling life and career. And I don’t blame you!

As a professional resume writer, my goal is to make you feel confident in your resume so that you can apply to the types of jobs you deserve, TODAY. I am here to show you that the key to landing your dream job and making more money is already within you! 

By identifying your achievements, strategically positioning your expertise, and packaging it into a compelling resume – I can help you achieve your career goals so that you can reach your full potential. 

Because you deserve fulfillment and happiness in your career, and you are worthy of your dream job!

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Save Time & Effort

Creating a powerful resume requires a lot of time, effort, and industry knowledge. Save time and effort with submission-ready documents.

Pass the ATS

Employers use ATS, a software which qualifies applicants by scanning for compatibility. My resumes are tailored to help you pass fluently through the ATS so that you can make it to the interview round.

Gain Visibility

Gain more visibility from recruiters and hiring managers. Recruiters are 57% more confident presenting candidates with a professionally written resume to hiring managers.

Land a Better Job, Sooner

32% higher success rate than doing it alone. My resumes have helped my clients land interviews within hours of submission and a new job within the first week.

What people are saying

job searching is stressful

Are you worried about...

If so, I get it. My resume and LinkedIn profile makeovers can help you get more interviews, land a better job sooner, and increase your salary.

What can I help you with?


77% of resumes NEVER see human eyes! Once you start looking for a new job your resume becomes a powerful marketing tool. It is so worth investing in a professional resume to make sure you get called in for the type of interviews you want.

Custom cover letter

Get your cover letter to catch the employer's attention in the best way. When I write your cover letter, I make sure yours is effective and it showcases why you're the right fit for the job.

Optimized LinkedIn profile

Increase your chances of getting noticed with an Optimized LinkedIn profile. More than 85% of recruiters say they've hired someone through LinkedIn. A compelling profile catches the recruiter's attention while reducing online applications and speeding up your job search.

Networking, Interviewing, and salary negotiations strategies

Improve your job search skills with my 20-page Guide to "Landing your Dream Job". This guide is packed with tips I've learned over the years while helping hundreds of clients land better jobs, and it can help you too. Includes actionable tips to help you network on LinkedIn, ace your interview, and negotiate your salary like a pro. You will be making at least $10-15k more a year.

Take the first step into landing your dream job!

Career Advice

Frequently Asked Questions

My services do not include or require phone time. I’ve streamlined my process to save you time through email communication and digital forms to ensure clear and concise information is being shared throughout the process. 

I have spent over 7 years crafting compelling marketing documents such as resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles while helping hundreds of candidates get hired at top levels. What sets me apart is my commitment to growth and development. I continuously research and adapt to new and emerging industry trends, and relevant job search strategies as they continue to evolve.  Staying up to date with the evolving and competitive job market is what makes me the best resource for the rapidly changing professional world.

I am not a big company that turns out cookie-cutter resumes, regardless of industry or career goals. I understand everyone has different career situations, so I individualize my services to meet your unique needs and goals. I have experience in many different industries and company staffing needs. I understand the message that will resonate most with recruiters and hiring managers, making sure important keywords are included throughout your documents and the layout design is attractive, easy-to-read, and ATS compatible. 

You will get past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and stand out amongst other candidates. You will land more interviews and speak with real employers in person. You will learn how to use your Linkedln Profile as a marketing tool to build connections and sell yourself to recruiters. You will learn exactly what to say in the interview to make a great impression and be remembered. You will learn how to negotiate your salary like a pro to earn 30% or more on your income. Lastly, you will land your dream job faster without spending all your free time applying online. 

In order to be successful in your job hunt and land a new job, I believe you need to engage in my Complete Job Search Package. This package includes a full makeover of your resume, custom cover letter, Linkedln profile revamp , Thank you Letter, my 20+ page guide on how to interview and negotiate your salary like a pro, as well as my friendly and fast email support. 

I provide you with all the tools necessary to make your job search better and faster while getting you the results you want. You just need to trust the process and implement what you’ve learned. 

Because my methods and career strategies have been proven to help hundreds of candidates’ time and time again. The proof is in the pudding, check out my reviews and case studies.

  1. Go to my “Shop Now” page to select your favorite career package and complete the purchase.
  2. Complete my career questionnaire sent to your email following the purchase.
  3. I review the questionnaire, confirm your career goals, and get started on your order.
  4. I send you a draft within 3-5 business days for you to review and let me know any edits you might have. 
  5. We continue working together for 7 more days to ensure you’re happy with all the final documents and confident in applying to your dream job. 

Meet Me

Anda Lainez

Career Coach

My goal is to help you move in the direction of your career goals and land your dream job

I worked as a career coach, helping hundreds of candidates just like you land their dream job, which inspired me to start my own business and reach more people

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from ASU – Go Devils 🙂 

My passion is delivering my clients with the best customer service experience and helping them realize their potential

I have taught and developed courses in Career & Personal Development, Career Change, Interviewing Skills, Job search Strategies, Resumes & Cover Letters Writing, Personal Success, and many others

Helped staff many positions, sitting on the other side of the Applicant Tracking System, I know what it takes to make a resume stand out from the crowd and filter fluently through ATS. 

Partnered with 100+ companies in their search for top talent, giving me an insider’s perspective to many different industries and company staffing needs.

“What I like to do is try to make a difference with the work I do.”

Take the first step into landing your dream job!


I will be on vacation from May 19 to June 5.  New orders placed during this time will start processing on June 6, when I return. Thank you for your patience.

Vacation Alert: I will be out of office from 05/19 - 06/04.