Hi there,

I'm Anda Lainez!


With over 7 years’ experience as a career coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of job seekers – I know how people feel when they’re stuck in a job they don’t like. My goal is to help you, just like I’ve helped  others in the past, land a job where you feel invigorated and inspired

What I do best

Crafting powerful marketing tools that stand out from the sea of boring, duty-focused resumes and cover letters

Working hard to be a different kind of "expert". I pride myself on always learning and growing in my areas of expertise and I challenge myself to think outside of the box with my writing approach.

Boosting your confidence level in your resume so you can start applying to the types of jobs you deserve TODAY

Providing incredible customer service is my #1 goal and unlimited and free career advice if you need it.

I obsess over creating high-quality, engaging, and accurate content to make sure you're getting selected as a potential candidate for the job you want.

I keep it real. I am objective and will provide you with practical solutions and proven strategies.

My Background

I worked in workforce development as a career coach and recruiter, both at the same time, helping hundreds of job seekers land amazing jobs at a variety of career levels. I also worked with job seekers with disabilities and partnered with 100+ companies in their search for top talent, all before starting my online business. My goal during that time was to help my clients overcome the idea that disabled people are not capable of working successfully.

One of the most important things I did was to focus on what my clients could do, and not what they couldn’t. This includes emphasizing their skills and abilities they brought to the position, as any other inspiring candidate does.

Providing career support to someone who needs it the most and helping them become more independent and confident in their job search abilities, has helped me have a profound impact on someone else’s life, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.  I pride myself on always learning and growing to get the best possible outcome for my clients.

No matter your situation and no matter the hurdles you’re facing, finding a good job shouldn’t be so hard, especially in today’s world. Your job plays a crucial role in your personal life and happiness, so you owe it to yourself to find work that’s enjoyable and inspiring. 

I’ve also spoken at various panels, workshops, and hiring events about the intersection of work, life, and happiness.

My favorite things:

TV show

This Is Us


Raspberry Tea

Brunch Spot

Snooze A.M.


Fitness, Yoga, Reading 


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, 

Girl Stop Apologizing, GirlBoss, The Secret, Outliers


Traveling around the world for over a year and visiting 15 countries helped me grow, learn about myself, and gain massive cultural awareness. After my first trip outside of the US, I began to see that my way of living is not the only way to live. Different cultures have different values and beliefs. This, in turn, has opened my worldview, improved my understanding of others, and helped me cultivate new ideas. That translated into 


Success Story

Working with Anda was an absolute pleasure. I found her as a person with great experience and profound knowledge of business solutions. Proactive, energetic, perfectly organized, and a brilliant Career Strategist. Excellent and results-driven. Anda works towards maximal customer satisfaction. No matter how complex the question is, she always came up with a brilliant and elegant solution. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with her at Cultivate Professionals. She saved the day and helped me evolve my professional goals. Can’t thank her enough!

Rachel Bienz

Marketing & Operations Manager

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