How to Differentiate Yourself from Other Job Applicants

I was recently asked by one of my clients “What is the best way for me to stand out from all the other job applicants out there?”

I said: “You have to present yourself in a unique, modern and professional way both on paper and in person.”

What did I mean by unique, modern and professional? The job market is super crowded and learning how to be unique and different from other job applicants can help you break through the noise. Only this way you can get the employer’s attention in today’s competitive job market. So, select a resume template that’s different and don’t go with the Free Word Template that everyone else is using. Create content that’s focused on selling yourself. Write a cover letter that’s not boring and basic and that entices the reader to want to read more. Do something different from anybody else. Do something beyond what others expect.

Next, it’s important to show the employer that you are living in today’s modern day and you are up to date with technology and social media. You don’t want to turn in a resume that looks outdated and makes you look old (even if you are). The resume style and design that got you in the door years ago can make you look prehistoric now. So, make sure your format is not dull, you don’t have listed every single job you’ve ever had, and please don’t list your home phone as your contact information. Also, not having good a Linkedln profile can really hurt you in today’s modern day.

Being unique and modern is not enough, you also want to be professional. Treat the employers and recruiters with dignity and respect. Start by submitting a professional resume and cover letter (only if needed). Arrive early for the interview, dress up for the type of position you’re applying to, bring your resume and references to the interview, etc. After the interview, follow up with a thank you letter, perhaps a phone call. Good manners always count.

Doing the things right (and different) will result in more interviews, better job offers, and a more successful career. Take a little more time at each step and you will rise above the pack. Great results require great effort, but there are always ways to differentiate yourself from others. This comes with some work and effort, but that’s why your chance of standing out is big. If you are one of the few, you will differentiate yourself from everybody else who does the same thing.


Good luck out there, and if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask. I am here to help! 

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